Enfocus Switch – The Automation Solution Software for any Business

The Switch building blocks:

switch cropped


Start with the Switch Core Engine – to create, check, convert, print and archive all kinds of documents.


Then buy just the modules you need to do the job. As your work evolves, simply add more, as and when you need them…..


  • Configurator: integrate with popular 3rd party applications
  • Metadata: Use job ticket information (XML, JDF or XMP) to control your jobs
  • Scripting Module: Integrate your own Applescripts, Visual Basic Scripts and Javascripts to enhance your workflows – use the SwitchScripter application to develop and de-bug custom scripts.
  • Database Module: Integrate with database applications – exchange critical job information from your MIS to enhance workflows and build business intelligence.
  • Switch Proxy: Carry on “Business as Usual” even if your server is down for maintenance.
  • Switch Client: Allow Users to submit and review jobs remotely whilst adding metadata to insert into workflows
  • Web services: Extend Switch into the cloud – enable any web browser to be your web-to-print portal.
  • Performance Module: When you need to add more hardware to handle more complex workflows, this will allow you to run more concurrent tasks.

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